Who better to explain what to look for than the owner himself, Mike.

“I compare the sector to being a true physician. You should have someone who will truly teach you the trade and show you the ropes. Professional service is expected by customers right away, and learning by yourself is a recipe for disaster.

Grinding our ways through the early days of the shop was difficult. I now know the value of planning and we’ve built this company from the ground up. We’ve earned our great reputation. We struggled in those early days: cold calls, door to door, provided free demonstrations, and agreed to do more difficult task which other similar outfits shied away from. It’s been an uphill battle, but running our own shop the way we know it needs to be managed — well, in some ways it feels perfect!

We know hail damage is a pain in the butt — but our shop really makes it easier on people. Paintless dent repair is our way of taking a damaging event and providing easy service for our customers. They appreciate it and we love seeing their smiling faces as they drive away from the shop.”

paintless dent repair