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Make certain you understand who is at fault. Know your deductible for the type of claim you are making. Considering the high cost of auto-body repairs, be ready to pay the total deductible if you are found to be at fault.

Your insurance company may direct you to the listing of authorized repair stores, which is often wonderful – but don’t forget that those stores could be enticed to take shortcuts along with your car in order to save the insurance company on the back-end. That’s because they’ll simply receive pre-negotiated rates in the underwriting, and these rates could be less than what it takes to do the job the right way.

When the initial spot you see tells you just how much those fixes will cost and exactly what sort of fixes you want consider great notes. Subsequently immediately call three to four other stores and ask just how much they would bill for exactly the same work. You’ll likely see a considerable difference between different companies, including chain factory outlets, independent stores, and car dealers.

Many insurance companies ask auto body shops to utilize less pricey salvage or generic substitute parts, instead of original-equipment manufacturer (OEM) components, which fit your vehicle precisely and are priced higher. When you’re not at-fault, instruct the store to work with OEM components. You might also offer to pay the difference to get the upgraded (OEM) parts.

This is a tricky one, the insurance companies want you to use their shops because they have better pricing for themselves, but that doesn’t mean that YOU get the best repair. Don’t let them scare you that you won’t have a warranty if you go to a non-preferred shop. Any good body shop will offer a warranty. (You might consider: How good was the auto body repair in the first place, if you have to keep going back for warranty work?)

You should be able to visit the Bryan College Station Better Business Bureau and see if they have any “open” or “poor” history flags.

Automobile body repairs regularly take more time than anticipated – meaning you could be paying out of pocket if you don’t have adequate coverage.

When you’re on the hook for the cost of repairs, politely clarify with staff that no-work should occur until you’ve approved it first. When time comes to get your automobile, look the billing statement over attentively to make sure everything matches up against the notes you’d chosen previously as well as the rough estimate you were given. In case you see anything you didn’t authorize, talk about it before you sign off.  Once you sign, it’s nearly impossible to reverse the charges.