Keep Your Vehicle Beautiful With Repairs From Henley's Auto Body Shop

auto body repairWhether you are the vehicle's driver or simply an unlucky passenger caught up in the maelstrom, being involved in an automobile accident can drastically change your life. If you happen to be the owner of the vehicle, your worries may just be beginning. For example, you now have to consider the requisite repairs your mangled car or truck will need and what level of auto body repair will be needed to return your vehicle to the condition it was in before the accident.

Auto damage from an accident can involve any aspect of the vehicle including the auto body, drive train and even parts of the interior. For instance, your wreck could involve unexpectedly smashing the front end of your car into another vehicle, a utility pole or other object that can result in various amounts of damage usually requiring new or replacement auto body parts. In the case of front end damage, this could include replacing fenders, the front bumper, the hood, or the entire front end. Along with the variety of body damage possibilities, this type of accident can damage mechanical components such as the air conditioning coil, coolant reservoir and radiator, engine fan and water pump, headlights, running lights and other electrical components just to name a few.

There are other reasons for taking your car or truck to an auto body shop besides the ubiquitous vehicle collision. Perhaps you own an older vehicle and are tired of the faded paint and faltering body parts. The body shop can repair those unsightly areas by replacing the part itself or filling the damaged area with metal or body filler. Once the damage is repaired, the body shop will apply a fresh coat of paint, turning your old jalopy into an eye catching ride. Yet another possible reason to make use of your local body shop is the repair of dings and small dents that occur from parking lot mishaps or minor hail damage. In this case, a little paintless dent repair (PDR) can be applied to eliminate those small problems. PDR usually involves gently pushing or tapping the dent from the backside or applying special glue and an auto body tool that pulls out the dent.