paintless dent repair

An Auto Body Repair Option that may not Require a new Paint Job!

paintless dent repairOne inevitable reality of owning a vehicle is the fact that at some point in time, you are going to end up with a scratch, ding, or dent somewhere on your car. When it does happen, you may think in order to get it fixed, you'll have to take it to a local auto body shop or attempt to perform some do-it-yourself auto body repair at home. Depending on the severity of the damage, you are probably expecting quite a bit of time and money to go into the repairs and for that reason, a lot of people may just opt to let those damaged auto body parts stay the way they are.the body of the vehicle. It just seems to be one of those things that is unavoidable. It's going to happen.

There is an option that may not take up quite as much time and money as you might think though, provided the only damage is a dent or ding. Using industry tricks and know-how a good repair technician should be able to perform paintless dent repair. This essentially means that it is possible to have a dent repaired on your vehicle fairly quickly and without disturbing the current paint job.

This can eliminate the need to repaint or touch up the affected area of the vehicle's body, potentially saving you the extra money that would be required to apply new paint as well as reducing the total repair time. Removing the dent is a fairly quick process. The time consuming part comes into play when it becomes necessary to apply new paint to the body of the vehicle, so if you can eliminate the need to re-paint, you are effectively eliminating the need to leave you car at the shop for more than a few hours.

Most dent repairs of this nature can be performed within an hour or so, depending on how extensive the damage is, how busy the repair shop happens to be, and whether or not there are any complications during the repair. Keep in mind, unexpected factors such as a busy schedule, or the shop or unavoidable damage to the paint job are still a possibility. But if everything goes well and the procedure is performed correctly, you can potentially save a lot of time and money.